We want you to find a job, but we also want to alert you to some common internet scams to keep you safe.

Like when using any online service, it is important to be careful when connecting with others online and to be aware of online scammers. 

To keep yourself safe when interacting with people online, we suggest the following:

1. Keep your personal details private. Do not share your personal phone number or email address on your profile, or with anyone you have not already spoken to. 

Do not, ever, share your SIN/SS numbers with anyone requesting this information online 

2. Keep all communication on the website. Whether you have a Basic/Free account or have purchased a subscription, you are able to connect with others on site, without sharing your phone number or email address. 

To ensure your safety, our site is set up in a way so that all communication can occur directly through the site itself. This means that all messages and phone calls can happen without the need to share your private contact information.

3. Do not respond to ads featuring encoded contact information. Bad actors typically try to bypass a subscription purchase by asking you to contact them off-site and giving you their email or phone number using various symbols. If you receive a message like this, report it immediately by following the steps here

4. Do not accept a job or hire a candidate without having met them and discussed the details first. Ask to have a phone interview or virtual interview before meeting anyone in person or accepting a job.

5. If what the person is offering sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Be vigilant.

If someone is persistent on sending you money before meeting you, we can guarantee this is a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! No legitimate employer will ask you for your banking information or give you money without meeting with you.

6. They send you a cheque or a large amount of money. If a user has obtained your address and sends you a check in the mail, do not cash it. This will likely be used for money laundering. Cashing the cheque will make you responsible for the deposited funds and could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Contact Care Support if you have any questions or concerns.